The Head of the School and the Director, Julieta Horner, is currently working on her Masters degree at Barry University, in Montessori (M.S), with specialization in Early Childhood Education.   She is a graduate of University of Los Andes University, majoring in Children Education, and minoring in Business Administration.

Ms. Horner has been teaching Kumon Mathematics over 12 years, it all started with her children about 28 years ago getting math tutoring and then naturally merged into teaching after few years.

Ms. Horner decided to continue her teaching and research in human potential.  She was awarded many certifications from the State of Florida;  Children Education, Advance Childcare, and Children Psicology  and continued her studies to become a licensed florida daycare provider.  Since then she has been teaching the Maria Montessori legacy after obtaining her Montessori Trainning.

Ms. Horner’s goal is to create a learning environment where she can combine her previous expertise and experience with an authentic Montessori curriculum and methodology, and to build a place, where students feel safe and excited to come; an enriched environment that would provide opportunity for growth and mastery, and an amazing Montessori curriculum to help them in the process.